What The Community Said about Interacting With Lost Loved Ones

Frank Diana
3 min readFeb 20


In this post from February 2nd, I once again posed the question of interacting with a lost loved one. This scenario is part of a broad digital twins discussion, whether it is a digital version of a lost loved one, or a version of ourselves that lives on forever. In a post from February 2020, I included this video that showed a women reconnecting with her lost daughter virtually (digital twin):

Now, three years later, we have a virtual human service called Rememory that is based on AI technology. The service recreates late family members by mimicking their every aspect, from their physique to their voice. We also have another service called HereAfter that preserves memories with an app. The App interviews you about your life, then lets loved ones hear meaningful stories by chatting with the virtual you. Add to this list Mind Bank AI, which covers two specific possibility spaces, with a possible third connected to the topic of interacting with lost loved ones:

Mental health: given the growing mental health crisis, personal digital twins have potential. Per the Mind Bank AI website: by simply answering one question per day your Personal Digital Twin helps you gain mental strength through self-discovery. Discover your inner voice and achieve your full potential through a guided Personal Digital Twin. Learn what makes you, you Each answer trains your personal digital twin and allows you to view insights into your mind that will help you grow mentally strong. Discover what occupies your mind, measure your sentiment towards a particular topic, and track your progress.

Knowledge transfer: the pending retirement of the large baby boomer generation and the loss of knowledge represents an organizational challenge. Here again, a personal digital twin holds promise. Per the Mind Bank AI website: using a simple voice chat interface the users upload their expertise to the personal digital twin. With each interaction the Personal Digital Twin learns everything that is inside the mind of the employee.

Reconnecting with a lost loved one: what if you could continue to leverage the wisdom of your dead Grandfather? In a scenario similar to knowledge transfer, our loved ones in the future would interact with their personal digital twin. Over time, the twin learns everything about your loved one. When that loved one is no longer with you, that advice you used to get from them could now come from the twin.

These scenarios paint pictures of possibilities. As these possibilities become more visible to society, initial resistance could fade. I tested that theory through the question posed in the visual below on February, 2 2023. That poll just closed. I then compared the responses to the same poll run in February of 2020. Here is a visual that reflects the original response, the response from the recent poll, and a new combined perspective.

Originally published at http://frankdiana.net on February 20, 2023.