The Future Of Homes With Alexandra Whittington

Frank Diana
2 min readMay 10, 2022


Futurist Alexandra Whittington recently joined our efforts to reimagine the future. One of her areas of passion and research is the future of homes. She joined fellow Futurist Kevin Benedict in this episode on the topic. Kevin and Alex addressed the following questions:

In the vortex of this pandemic, tell me how your personal life changed.

Did you do anything to accommodate moving your work all online?

What do you think are some of those lasting influences on society that we’re going to leave this pandemic with?

How do you think houses themselves, going forward, will change?

How might our idea of entertainment and life with a family in a home change?

If we start with a brand new home, how do you think that will change given our pandemic experiences?

You were talking about unschooling, as a philosophy or concept, share that with us…

You also write about co-living and co-working spaces, what have you learned about that?

Let’s say you were buying an older home, what are some of the things that you would change to accommodate what we have learned during the pandemic years?

In this episode, TCS futurist Alex Whittington shares her research on the future of homes. We discuss our own experiences working and living in homes and how this experience might change the homes of the future.

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