The Exponential Era

Frank Diana
2 min readFeb 11, 2021


Much of what is driving our emerging future is the exponential pace of science and technology. When combined with the Convergence of building blocks that span multiple domains, it becomes easy to see why the world seems to be moving so quickly. In a recent book titled “The Exponential Era”, authors David Espindola and Michael Wright explore this phenomenon and present an approach for surviving in a future that is moving so fast. This story is about an overwhelming number of building blocks and the rate at which they are converging. As this happens, long-standing beliefs and institutions are rendered obsolete. I had the honor of providing a quote for the book jacket:

A century ago, a convergence across domains ushered in unprecedented advancements in human development. A look at history is very instructive, as several dynamics from that period have the potential to emerge once again — the biggest being the opportunity for convergence. In this context, convergence refers to a virtuous cycle where events in one domain spur action in another. As a futurist, focusing on the intersections provides a window into the future. Visualizing the building blocks and how they converge is the most effective way to navigate a very uncertain future. The Exponential Era does a great job of not only describing exponential technologies, but how they likely converge to transform our world. Education and dialog are critical to creating a constructive future, this book contributes to that end.

All of us are struggling with the rapid pace of change and its implications for our future. Understanding this phenomenon is the first order of business. But, learning how to ride this wave versus being knocked over by it determines success versus failure. This book addresses both. I highly recommend it and have added it to my Book Library. The Amazon abstract is included below.

This book introduces the Exponential Era, the extraordinary times we are living where the convergence of technology platforms that grow at exponential rates is creating unprecedented opportunities for companies that know how to benefit from it, and disastrous results for those that don’t. In the book you will learn about:

- The megatrends shaping the future of business and society

- The exponential platforms that are creating astonishing opportunities and risks

- The types of companies that thrive in this environment and those that are being destroyed

You will also learn about a robust methodology called SPX that challenges the current thinking in strategic planning and provides an effective playbook for companies to stay ahead of the exponential curve. Finally, the authors provide a thoughtful discussion about the impact of the Exponential Era on humanity, and how the rapid changes we are experiencing challenge our current societal structures, economics, and ethics.

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