RethinkX: Humanity’s Choice — The Age Of Freedom

In this sixth installment of the RethinkX rethinking humanity series, Tony Seba and James Arbib describe a brand new possibility space fueled by convergence across five foundational sectors: energy, transport, information, food, and materials. This convergence enables reimagination in areas like feeding and powering society. In this emerging age of creation, global design converges with local production and is unconstrained by industrial age limitations. As abundance satisfies our needs at near zero marginal cost, the world moves towards unheard of prosperity. But our subway map tells us that every constructive path is accompanied by a destructive one. In a shift so profound, it may be impossible to imagine what it looks like. The power of this storytelling lies in its ability to illuminate possibilities and drive awareness — and with it, the hope for human action. Similar brilliant storytelling can be found in the new book AI 2041.


“Humanity’s next chapter could liberate us from our deepest tragedies: we could enter The Age of Freedom.”

Episode 6 of the Rethinking Humanity series by @RethinkX invites us to escape the Age of Extraction by entering a new era. This decade, the technologies converging across our five foundational sectors of production offer an unparalleled possibility space to completely re-imagine how we feed and power our global population. Empowered to do so at a tenth of the cost, we can eliminate poverty, inequality, war, hunger and climate change. We call it the Age of Freedom.

The first five videos in the series

Rethinking Humanity The Great Discovery Repeating The Patterns Of History The Growth and Collapse of Industrial Civilization Humanity Today — The Great Transformation

Originally published at on November 10, 2021.



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Frank Diana

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