RethinkX: Crashing Up, Crashing Down — Two Dystopias

Frank Diana
2 min readNov 11, 2021

In this seventh installment of the RethinkX rethinking humanity series, Tony Seba and James Arbib describe the choices that lie ahead, as convergence across five foundational sectors drive a phase change: energy, transport, information, food, and materials. With this convergence, the old industrial system could collapse before the new production system emerges. One need only look at existing timing issues as the energy sector transitions. Supply of fossil fuel drops along with investment, while demand increases and clean sources of energy cannot meet demand. In a shift so profound, it may be impossible to imagine what it looks like. The power of this storytelling lies in its ability to illuminate possibilities and drive awareness — and with it, the hope for human action. Similar brilliant storytelling can be found in the new book AI 2041.


“At this unique juncture in history, we can recognize not just the staggering dangers of collapse, but also the incredible possibilities for breakthrough.”

Episode 7 of the Rethinking Humanity series by @RethinkX paints a stark picture of the paths diverging up ahead. For the first time in history, we have a choice. If we choose wisely, we can chart a new course to a new Age.

But if we cling to the comfort of the old ways — papering over deepening cracks with band aids — we could crash down: the old industrial system could disintegrate before the new production system emerges. The other possibility is that we crash up: a new production system emerges within the old organizing system, leading to a dystopia owned and controlled by a tiny number of tech conglomerates, nation states and elites. Both dystopian outcomes would forestall the Age of Freedom. To avert them, we urgently need a new, decentralized way of understanding the world, while distributing power and ownership in societies.

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