Futuristic Technology And The London Marathon

Frank Diana
2 min readApr 21, 2023

The Daily Mail just launched an article describing futuristic technologies and their role in improving performance and recovery. Reporter Fiona Jackson does a great job of describing various technologies and their impact. I had the pleasure of participating in the article. The article explores:

3D-printed insoles: allowing marathon runners to maintain a more comfortable stride and reduce the risk of developing foot-related injuries over the course of a long race.

Smart clothing: injuries can slow a runner down, as cramps and strains occur in muscles all over the body. To help combat this, researchers have developed ‘smart clothing’ which contain sensors that detect where sores will occur before they do.

Vegan energy drinks: some studies have shown that opting for a vegan diet ‘boosts heart health, endurance and recovery’ in athletes.

Virtual Racing: a developing area of technology that could help athletes run a marathon in under two hours is by incorporating ‘virtual racing’ into their training. This is where all the hills and turns of a race are recreated in virtual reality (VR), to help give the full race day experience before the starting gun sounds.

Neuropriming: scientists have found away to improve the brain’s responsiveness to training, enabling it to learn and achieve results more quickly.

I spoke to future technologies like digital twins, artificial intelligence and nanobots. I highly recommend the article.

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