Evaluating Possible Futures: Finding The Signal Through The Noise

In an earlier post on a Post-Pandemic Society, I took a look back in history to a period a century ago. That journey focused on similarities to our current day. That same post summarized a post-pandemic future as viewed through the lens of several global thinkers. Although history provides a guide, and prognosticators a point of view, pandemic Implications will evolve over years and across multiple domains. How the world Responds is yet to be determined — and predictions of major change after past crisis have largely been off the mark. How then do we find the signal through the noise? By Connecting a lot of Dots on an on-going basis.

This video is all about those dots — telling a story of possible implications and responses. It considers multiple domains like the economy, geopolitics, science, technology, business and others. Take a look at possible futures emerging from the noise.

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Originally published at http://frankdiana.net on April 28, 2020.

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