America’s Demographics

Demographics are a big piece of forward-looking analysis — and we are living in times of significant demographic shifts. An aging society, a fall in working age population, a drop in fertility rates, and a diversifying population are just a handful of examples. This recent article provides a great interactive visual via Visual Capitalist that captures one hundred years of demographic change in America.

The most obvious takeaway from this animation is that America’s population has soared over the last century. America’s population grew from 77 million in 1901 to over 330 million in 2020-or total growth of 330% over the 119 years.

Kaj Tallungs — Animated Chart: America’s Demographics Over 100+ Years

Other key findings include a near-even split between men and women and drastic changes in age and race distributions. As mentioned above, birth rates have been slowing over time, which results in an increased elderly population and a depleted workforce. From a diversity standpoint the shares of Black, Asian, and Hispanic have also been growing. The article provides other charts and insights.

Originally published at on November 17, 2022.



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