AI and the Conversational Era

Frank Diana
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On January 17, I had the pleasure of participating in another Game Changers show Presented by SAP focused on partnerships: Changing the Game for Digital Transformation. I was joined by Robin Kearon, SVP Channels and Alliances, Kore Inc. The show was once again expertly moderated by Bonnie D. Graham. You can listen on demand at your convenience.


Connecting People to Technology: AI and the Conversational Era


The primary focus of AI for the enterprise is still more tied to data than to some “dream” use cases we hear on TV or in science fiction. Basically, businesses want to know how to leverage AI to consume and process immense amounts of data — amounts no human could possibly take on — and use that data to take actions, make predictions, and ultimately boost ROI.

2016 was a pivotal year for Global 2000 companies to align practical AI application and embrace intelligent, conversational technology. Not really a perfect storm, but a confluence of more untapped data than ever (largely thanks to IoT), cost-effective infrastructure at-the-ready, and unprecedented consumer technology adoption. These factors not only piqued enterprise interest; investment in conversational technologies paved the way for AI, machine learning, natural language, and chat bots to elevate global business.

Business leaders across every industry identified bottom-line value in turning traditional tech interactions and interfaces into natural, human-like interactions, making it easier to engage and get more done — together. Authorities in the enterprise tech space resoundingly sang the praises of the potential of conversational AI, and enterprises are listening with open ears, open minds, and open check books.


2016 was a pivotal year for Global 2000 companies to align practical AI applications and embrace intelligent, conversational technology. As enterprise tech space gurus sang the praises of conversational AI’s potential, enterprises were listening with open ears, minds, and checkbooks. How can you take AI off the bench, make it a star player in your portfolio, avoid making fouls, and lead your organization into this new era? The experts speak.


Quote: “conversation as an interface is the best way for machines to interact with us using the human tool we already know exceptionally well — language” Source: Kris Hammond


Conversational systems are the next phase of a shifting interaction paradigm that increasingly supports our life experiences

As artificial narrow intelligence evolves towards artificial general intelligence, the power of conversational systems evolves with it

A platform revolution will occur in the next decade, removing friction from one process after another — conversational systems will be a major part of this revolution

Chatbots will evolve to interact in human-like ways, blurring the boundaries between conversations with people and Chatbots.

Collectively, automation, robotics, intelligent assistants, and artificial intelligence will reframe business, commerce, culture, and society.

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