Mr. Diana has served in various leadership roles throughout his career and has over 35 years of leadership experience. Currently at Tata Consultancy Services, he is focused on leadership dialog in the context of our emerging future and its implications on business, society, governments, economies, and our environment. He blends a futurist perspective with a pragmatic, actionable approach, leveraging horizon scanning and story-telling to see possible futures and drive foresight into leadership deliberation. His leadership experience obtained through various executive roles connects practical realities with the need to focus on an emerging future filled with complexity and change. A strong ability to connect dots enables the identification of future scenarios quickly and broadly, with an ability to see implications years into the future. Mr. Diana leads through collaborative strength and influence. He has excellent communication skills, with strengths articulating complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. He is a futurist, thought leader and frequent speaker. Please dialog with him by visiting his Blog:



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