30 Top Experts Describe The Things That Will Change Forever

This recent Article describes those things that will change forever according to 30 top experts. Before I dive into that, a significant word of caution. In an Article authored by Rob Walker, he states that most post-pandemic predictions will be totally wrong. While he stresses that thoughtful speculation about the future helps us cope with the present and identify potential challenges and opportunities, history tells us that most predictions will be wrong. In looking back at predictions post 9/11 and the great recession, Mr. Walker provides supporting evidence for this statement.

With that as a backdrop, author Mark Sullivan gathered the opinions about the changes to life and work brought about by the pandemic. Insights were collected from executives, venture capitalists, and analysts across seven categories. The general themes in their comments are summarized below, providing a preview of what might lie ahead.

Painting these pictures of possible futures is extremely important. The ultimate path of the future is predicated on events that have not happened yet — one of the key reasons past predictions have failed. For additional thoughts on the pandemic, see my previous posts.

Originally published at http://frankdiana.net on April 20, 2020.